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The core expertise at Uudenmaan Tilikartta Oy is accounting services for small businesses. We offer flexible and reliable services for companies in Vantaa, Espoo and elsewhere in Greater Helsinki. Our accounting services are also available online throughout Finland.  We offer comprehensive accounting services based on your requirements. 

Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us about your accounting requirements! We provide accounting services primarily to small businesses and sole traders. 

Accounting services throughout business life cycle

Our accounting services include everything from organising the accounting material to reporting. We will report to you monthly or annually, whichever suits you best.  For clients using electronic accounting, we offer a scanning service for documents and various utility programs that facilitate submitting material for accounting. You will then be able to view accounting documents and reports yourself. Do not worry, if digital services are not for you, we always respect our clients' wishes. Let us know your requirements and we will use them as the basis of our collaboration!

Where required, we carry out sales invoicing and the processing of purchase invoices until the payment has arrived. We can provide you with affordable and user-friendly invoicing software, software for processing purchase invoices and banking software. If you only require e-invoicing, we can organise that, as well. 

Payroll is an integral part of an entrepreneur's daily life, and even when you run the payroll yourself, it is good to be able to rely on the expertise of a professional. If your company goes into administration or you have dismissal cases to deal with or you require assistance with recruitment, we are happy to help you.  

We also handle various regulatory notifications on behalf of our clients. These include, for example, VAT reporting and declarations for wages in the income register. We take care of all kinds of regulatory notifications. 

We are here to assist your business throughout its life cycle, from the beginning until the end. We are delighted to support new business owners. We encourage you to contact us already during the planning phase of your new business.  

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Reliable service for financial statements and tax advice

We provide financial statements and financial statement planning for your business with expertise. We will go through depreciation, sales and purchase transfers, as well as other aspects affecting profit or loss and taxes for the financial year. Where required, we can manage the accounting and financial statements independently on a turnkey basis, and you do not need to commit yourself to these.  

With a view to offering our clients the most complete services possible, we also provide tax advice and other financial advice. Most clients are interested in advance withholding tax appeals, the assessment of the final tax, the considerations related to the distribution of company profits and matters related to corporate loans. It is also a good idea to go through larger investments with a financial management professional.  

Our service does not include actual tax consulting, but we provide practical advice also on tax-related matters. For example, if you would like to know how various actions and decisions affect your taxes, we are here to help. VAT on imports, reverse charge on construction and EU trade, and the sale of services abroad are situations where we can help you with our expert knowledge.


 We offer accounting services from inputting receipts to financial statement reports in Vantaa, Espoo and all throughout Greater Helsinki. Our services are also available remotely online!

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